Monday, February 15, 2010

Etsy Success.. Tip #1

Some members of our local etsy group have been asking for hints & tips for making their etsy shops more visible. After reading How To Prosper on Etsy, Etsy Tips and blogs including Timothy Adam, I have suggestion #1-

List at least an item a day. Listing items daily helps your products remain in the top pages of etsy searches. Items are listed by those most recently listed, so it makes sense to keep your shop current. For example: if someone searched "Geisha" "Pottery Shard" "jewelry" they would find the most recently listed Geisha necklace first. There are a few sellers on etsy who sell pottery shard jewelry. If I have not listed anything recently, it's possible you wouldn't even "find" an item from my shop, or the link to my shop itself within the first few pages of your search. In fact you might never see one of the geisha necklaces listed in my shop!

We have started a challenge, to help improve business in our etsy shops... The challenge is simple, and it starts today!

List an item a day in your etsy shop! Relisting does not count... It needs to be new and "fresh". I've listed my item and tweeted about it. I'm calling it my "Item of the Day". Todays item of the day is TWEET a cute one of a kind pottery shard necklace.

Here is the list of the shops participating in this etsy challenge:

The Quilted House
Heavenly Creations pgh
Braggin Rights Bath
Just Ice Jewelry
Buena Helena Starting 2/15
Karols Treasures Starting 2/17
Cocos Green House New recruit, starting the challenge on 2/22

Click on a shop listed above, see if we've listed our item of the day, See if we're keeping up on our challenge!

If you want to join, sign up below! There is one catch... If you fail to list your "Item of the day" you must send a gift to the shop above you on the list! Also, as your shop becomes busier, you might need to go to the post office more frequently, to send your items off to their new homes