Monday, September 28, 2009

Super Gift with Purchase

The next five shoppers who purchase pottery shard jewelry from my etsy shop will receive an awesome gift with purchase. The wonderful Michelle from has created five mini jewelry bags for a cross shop promotion we are having. These bags are super cute, big enough to a few pieces of your favorite jewelry when you travel, or even your digital camera. My Canon Powershot really wants to call one home. So cute, Asian inspired flower theme, looks like Japanese cherry blossoms to me! Thank you Michelle for sharing these wonderful gifts, I'm sure the lucky shoppers who receive them will love them!
If you are looking for unique, eco friendly jewelry, stop by my etsy shop and snap up some pottery jewelry today to get your free gift while they last.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

JET TEAM Membership

Two days before my birthday I finally became a member of the JETTEAM. This is the Jewelry on Etsy Team. If you have visited or shopped on Etsy before, you surely have noticed the tags vendors use to promote their products. Some products are promoted by location and/or craft. I have been a member of the JETTEAM for just over a month and can't say enough about this wonderful group of talented, humorous & compassionate jewelry makers.
Since joining the JETTEAM I find myself enjoying etsy more and getting lots of great advice from talented artists and entrepreneurs.
If you are shopping on etsy, search "JETTEAM" to see what I am talking about.